Cannabis Topicals 101

Cannabis Topicals 101

One of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without having to consume it, CBD Topicals prove to be useful to a variety of people as they offer localized relief from aches and pains without having to deal with the heady, psychoactive effects of ingesting or smoking the bud.

Topicals come in a number of forms with their own characteristics. They come as moisturizing lotions made for daily use. They are also available in the form of ointments, salves, balms and creams designed to offer cool or hot sensations apart from their beneficial cannabis effects. Choosing the right CBD Topicals is a personal decision but here are some of the best practices for applying a cannabis-infused topical.

Determine Where You Want to Apply

Before you apply the ointment, identify where the pain is coming from. This may seem obvious but you should actually determine if your headache is coming from head or from the tension in your neck. Finding the why of the pain can help you determine where you should apply the topical. If you don’t find specific target areas, you can add topical relief to common sore spots like shoulders, neck, temples, wrists, knees, elbows, soles and back of the feet and other joints.

Clean the Area

Our body comes into contact with a lot of bacteria and contaminants which stick to the skin. Before applying cannabis-infused lotions and other CBD topicals to the hands, feet or other parts, you should give the area a quick rinse. You need not get a shower but just get a moist cloth or towel and scrub the target area to remove any unwanted particles from the skin and then dry the part before applying.

Use Generously

Once you have cleaned the body part and dried it, you can apply the CBD Topicals generously on the target area. You need not bathe the part in it but a second or third application is common. When you apply the topical, massage the cream or lotion vigorously and rub into the skin. Applying too much pressure can alleviate the discomfort but be firm and don’t hesitate to give a second pass.

Wash Hands

After applying the topical, don’t forget to wash the hands well. A lot of CBD Topicals from The BWell contain mint, pepper or citrus touches which are not good to feel in the nose or eye. So you should wash the hands to stay away from any discomfort caused to other body parts.

Adjust the Expectations

While cannabis can prove to be helpful, it is not a magic pill. You should have realistic expectations when using topicals to get relief. A life-long arthritis may not suddenly go away or an old wound may not entirely subside. You should, rather, prepare for subtle relief apart from other sensations depending on the soothing contents contained in the product. CBD Topicals don’t cure the ailments; they make them more bearable for us.

These are some of the best practices you can follow to make the most of cannabis topicals for pain relief and other effects.